We have 20+ years of experience that guides creating solutions.


Kathleen is an Independent Consultant in Disability working in Collaboration with others to build Capacity around Change, Creation and Choice. She works with people on a one to one basis and values the model of Self Direction.​

Kathleen is a registered provider in Queensland to provide Support Co-ordination under the National Disability Insurance Scheme.

Proven success in creating, preparing and supporting change.


Stephen has over 15 years’ experience in Business ICT and can provide:

       •   Independent, unbiased ICT advice and solutions for SME Businesses.

       •   A focus on business processes, systems and communications whether you are a micro, small              or medium sized business or organisation.

       •   Solutions around integrative and smart assistive technologies for people with a disability or

           with assisted living.

​       •   Queensland registered provider for Smart Assistive Technologies under the National Disability              Insurance Scheme (NDIS).


We identify and provide multiple options and solutions unique to you.

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We combine expertise with yours and work together to achieve.